About Us

Our mission is to bring together Italian and American communities for the ultimate purpose of advancing trade.

Image by Jametlene Reskp

Our Story

     Having spent six years in Italy, as President of the American Club of Rome and continuing his work as a Board member of the American Club of Rome upon returning to the United States, Marcel Kaminstein realized the need for an organization to help strengthen the US-Italian trade bonds. The American Club of Rome is an organization that has all three US Ambassadors as Honorary Presidents, a testament to the very close ties with the US Embassy and center of the American community in Italy since 1953 when Henry Luce the husband of the then US Ambassador Clare Booth Luce founded the organization.

     When returning from Rome in 2020, Kaminstein founded the Italian American Trade Council, as a sister organization of the American Club of Rome. As a part of its mission, IATC honors and empowers Italian American leadership at all levels of business and government. IATC also reinforces the cultural and political ties that bind the United States and Italy. IATC strives to organize various events throughout the year geared towards bringing together its private sector business executives and public policy stakeholders: Italian and American government leaders, Italian diplomatic officials and American public policy professionals, together.

     By becoming involved in the Italian American Trade Council, members have access to various events throughout the year, weekly informational emails, and a welcoming and inclusive community that is passionate about connecting American and Italian cultures and politics.

Board of Directors 2020/2021