Meet Lifang Dong

Lifang Dong is the first Chinese Italian lawyer in Italy. Born in China but raised in Italy, Lifang grew up in a multicultural setting and studied in Italy, the UK, as well as China. This variety of cultural experiences led her to found her own international law firm Dong & Partners in 2010. Furthermore, Lifang is the President of the Silk Council Association which will be discussed further below.

Dong & Partners is an international law firm headquartered in Rome, Italy and provides tailor-made assistance to multicultural clients in different countries. In general, Dong & Partners focuses on assisting Asian businesses investing in Europe (mainly in Italy, Switzerland, U.K.), as well as European companies investing in Asia (mainly in Greater China i.e. Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan). With its strong business network of trusted professionals around the world, Dong & Partners aids entrepreneurs in growing into new markets by providing help in areas such as legal management, financing, digital business solutions, and more. The law firm has been recognized as the “bridge” between the East and the West, as well as between the Chinese community and Italian institutions, aiding the internationalization of Italian and Chinese excellences.

The Silk Council Association is an organization that was established in 2019 which promotes multilateral and open cooperation between Public Institutions, Embassies, Financial Institutions, Associations, entrepreneurs, professionals and other academic, scientific, cultural and socioeconomic realities of different countries along the New Silk Road. Overall, the organization hopes to promote international synergies at a multidisciplinary level through its great institutional and international relationships in Asia and Europe built by its President Lifang Dong over twenty years of her career.

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